"...supporting those who protect us!"

My Name Is Father Gabriel Farago. It troubles me...

to see our police increasingly portrayed as the 'bad guys'. The truth is their commitment to keeping us safe is filled with risks and sacrifice! Laying their lives on the line every day to protect us, our families and neighborhoods is a very real and never ending part of their job. When I recently heard about that sniper shooting 14 police officers--killing 5--in Dallas, Texas, I was heartbroken and created a bumper sticker to honor them.
Four words say it all: GOD BLESS ALL COPS! I've since begun a national campaign with this timely message hoping that it will create a new awareness and appreciation for police everywhere.


Show your Support!
High quality vinyl.

Join Me In Making A statement of support

for our nation's law-enforcement community and get some stickers! They are premium quality vinyl and only $0.99 apiece (Please add $0.75 for mailing). Discounts are available for police agencies and bulk orders. Here's your opportunity to say "thank you!" to 'America's Finest' for always being there for us!